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Best suited for the hands-on learner, BMG’s radio broadcasting school was designed by industry experts to equip you with the skills and contacts you’ll need to succeed as a radio personality

Why apprenticeships are the surest way to get your foot in the door.

Apprenticeships have been around since 1640 — because they work. You learn the broadcasting craft directly from a professional broadcaster. Your custom developed training materials were created by program directors (they hire the on-air talent). You learn and do exactly what you need to know to be hired in one of 15,313 US-based radio stations.

Here’s why apprenticeships are considered to be the surest way to get your foot in radio’s front door.

  • What you know (broadcasting skills) AND who you know (industry contacts) is the secret to getting your foot in the broadcasting door.
  • Who you need to know to get your foot in the door is already employed in your training station - starting with your mentor.
  • What you need to know to become a skilled broadcaster is contained in your training materials and developed by industry experts who do the station hiring.
  • Where you are trained is critical (it’s where the jobs and hiring managers exist)
  • Your mentor is a professional broadcaster who shows you how to become a broadcaster.
  • You are trained, known, and already in the building when jobs open up.

Why hands-on, one-on-one learners are the best fit for a BMG radio apprenticeship.

Not everybody learns best in a classroom setting, where learning is structured through lectures, notetaking, and small group assignments. If you learn best in a hands-on, one-on-one learning environment, then BMG is structured to best meet your learning needs. Some of the reasons why BMG’s radio apprenticeship program is the best fit for hands-on, one-on-one learners are as follows:

  • You receive personalized one-on-one instruction and attention from your mentor.
  • You progress and improve at your own pace.
  • You learn how to broadcast by hosting your own radio show or podcast while training.
  • You choose your training days and times, based upon your schedule and availability.

Be mentored by a working sportscaster, talk-show host, newscaster, or radio DJ.

You can no longer expect to be hired as an on-air talent in radio with just a general broadcasting education. BMG is the only radio broadcasting school that enables you to choose your preferred specialty before starting. You also get to choose your training days and times which work best for your schedule. A brief overview includes…

  • You choose to train for a job as a sports broadcaster, talk show host, newscaster, or radio DJ.
  • You choose up to five nearby radio stations in which to train. (we’ll help you)
  • You choose 1-3 training days and times you’re available to be at the station. (1-3 hours)
  • You choose when to begin training for your dream job in broadcasting.

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