How I Became a Radio DJ

Parrish Graham, Radio Announcer

“I get the job and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Parrish Graham
BMG mentor at KTAR Radio

Paid Radio DJ


“I went to BMG and it provided me with the foot in the door.”

Jeremy Neuenschwander
BMG student

How to Be a Radio DJ

Jona Denz Hamilton BMG Mentor

“Mentoring will put you on the fast track.”

Jona Denz Hamilton
BMG mentor at Radio KBAY - San Jose & San Francisco

Loving My Three Month Course!

Cato Bekker BMG Student

“I traveled from South Africa to the US to train with BMG”

Cato Bekker
BMG student from South Africa

From Student to ESPN Employee


“I did everything possible to make sure they couldn’t be without me.”

Chadd Middleton
SMG student

Next Thing I Know, I’m on the Radio


“If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking and go to SMG.”

Earl Gray
WBOK radio DJ - SMG student

Moving up Already


“I worked through Sportscasters Mentoring Group with Nick Wright from KCST in Kansas City…  In 2010 I got hired on by Great Plains Media…. I did production and behind the scenes work for them… I was offered a job recently with a country radio station in western Kansas.”

Justin McLuckie
SMG student

How to Be a Radio Host

Gary Garver former Howard Stern Producer

“I wish I had a school like BMG when I was starting my broadcasting career.”

Gary Garver
Former Howard Stern producer, BMG mentor

ESPN Sports Broadcaster


“To have a mentor, in person, one-on-one, at the station … priceless.”

Jeff Biggs
ESPN sports broadcaster & SMG mentor

You are Guaranteed Immediate Feedback


“Michael locates people based on proximity.”

Shan Shariff
CBS Dallas sports talk radio host

You Need Every Advantage


“I’ve had the good fortune of calling about 2,000 games.”

Rob Buska
SMG mentor - 20 students

SMG Graduate – Sports Broadcasting


“If anyone is interested in getting into the business, I highly recommend Michael…”

Tony Kovack
SMG graduate

Sports Talk Radio Mentor


“One of the great things I’ve been able to offer … you come in to work with me while I do my radio show.”

Mark Viviano
WJZ host, mentor

Get Your Foot in the Door


“I can’t think of a better way …  to enter this industry than to go through the Michael Madden program.”

David Brody
Talent coach and agent

Announced a Game in My First Month


“Calling play-by-play in the first month … and getting paid.”

Jamison Bruce
Six month SMG student

I Ended up Getting Hired


“(My mentor) … immediately got me on his show.”

Ellis Codjoe
SMG student

Sports Broadcasting Mentor

Mark Asher KTAR DJ

“It’s a valuable thing to have out there, a mentor.”

Mark Asher
KTAR Radio DJ & BMG mentor

Sports Broadcasting School

Matt Spain SMG Student

“(My mentor) …got me in the business doing Dana Hills football games.”

Matt Spain
SMG student

Louise Cornetta

Michael Madden has a good company for up and coming radio and sports broadcasters. He takes those involved and pairs them with a mentor who helps guide them and give them feedback. It’s a great way for those who take his course to network and learn about the radio and sports broadcasting field.

Louise CornettaProgram director II, ESPN

Justin Hoke

Michael is a talented and honest business owner with a passion for the work he does. He is an expert in the art and science of radio broadcasting. I have gone through the training he provides and I highly recommend SMG & BMG to anyone looking into a radio career.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Justin HokeBMG/SMG student

Dan Flickinger

When I reached out to Michael for help with online broadcasting, he went above and beyond and answered my many questions I threw at him. This was before I even agreed to do his program. Michael and his Broadcasters and Sportscasters Mentoring Group not only helped my business grow since its launch in August 2010, he worked a custom payment plan for me just so I could afford it. I have a great amount of respect for Michael and would recommend the Broadcasters and Sportscasters Mentoring Group to anyone looking to break into the business.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Dan FlickingerBMG/SMG student

Larry Gifford

Michael Madden’s Broadcasters and Sportscasters Mentoring Group provides an excellent service matching people who want to be in the sports or radio biz with those who already are. I’ve mentored three of his students and find them all to be responsive to feedback, eager for insight and direction, and truly appreciative of the time I give. Michael at SMG is professional, eager to help you learn, and always accommodating. My experience with Michael and SMG was great. I can only imagine the kind of radio talent we could develop if everyone in the biz was eager and willing to work with Michael and his aspiring broadcasters.

Larry GiffordProgram director, KIRO, CEO Larry Gifford Media

Ron Flatter

Michael’s BMG and SMG service is precisely what the broadcaster trying to break into the business is seeking – that conduit between the apprentice looking for a way into the industry and the journeyman who can offer advice, counsel, and expertise from the inside. He has organized a template that is both a direct path to goals while also being flexible enough to adapt to the personal needs of his clients. This is a good idea smartly executed.

Ron FlatterSports anchor, 1050 ESPN New York

David Brody

Integrity and knowledge. That’s what you get from Michael Madden and BMG/SMG. Michael’s program is ideal for the broadcaster who is looking to break into this exciting business. BMG/SMG will provide you with the best possible mentor, and I can tell you first hand from my many conversations with Michael, your future employment is extremely important to him. While other companies are content with taking your money, that’s not what Michael and BMG /SMG is about. He’s about providing you with an ideal working environment and to facilitate your pursuit of employment. If you’re looking to become a professional broadcaster, I strongly suggest you give Michael Madden and BMG/SMG a call.

David BrodyPresident, Broadcaster Marketing Services

Laura Geiger

Hello Michael!

Graduation has arrived as I have finished up all of my training with Justin Riley at KKOB. What a great and fun experience, especially being placed with the program director for training. I learned so much from him and found Citadel people to be extremely generous with their time and sharing their skills with me. I would highly recommend BMG to anyone looking to enter into radio, especially since I was hired to work in promotions during my training. As they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and it’s impossible to deny the results your company provided for me!

Take care & God bless!

Laura Geiger BMG student - Albuquerque, NM

Alan Fanger

Alan Fanger BMG Testimonial LetterOnce the mentorship was over, BMG’s efforts led me to WBZ talk-show host Jordan Rich, who asked me to be the in-house legal analyst on his show that reaches nearly 250,000 nightly listeners.

None of it could have happened without BMG’s support, encouragement and unflagging desire to see my dream fulfilled.

Read the full letter here

Alan FangerAttorney & BMG student

Crys Quimby

Chrys Quimby

I’ve worked in major market radio in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York for more than 20 years. Much credit for the advancement of my exciting and fulfilling career goes to my mentors. But it’s not always easy to find the right mentor. That’s where BMG and SMG come in. The mentoring model BMG and SMG uses is an outstanding vehicle for someone trying to break into the business, as well as those who’ve gotten started but want to move up the ladder. Remember, it’s not just WHAT you know … it’s WHO you know!

Crys QuimbyProgram director, CBS Radio/WCBS AM
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