Radio Broadcasting Schools in New York

Discover the most effective way to begin your career in radio broadcasting

Are you looking for radio broadcasting schools in New York to help you begin your career in radio?

If so, you should know that there are two completely different kinds of radio broadcasting schools. One – a traditional brick and mortar type of radio broadcasting school, and two – a hands-on, apprenticeship radio broadcasting school.

Radio broadcasting apprenticeships enable you to work directly with a live, professional radio broadcaster, one-on-one, at an area radio station of your choice.

What are brick and mortar radio broadcasting schools in New York?

Brick and mortar radio broadcasting schools are housed in stand-alone buildings, far removed from the actual radio broadcasting world. Most are located in the central city, and if you don’t live there,  you would have to either regularly commute to a broadcasting school in New York, or relocate to New York.

If neither of these options is possible, you might have to put your career as a radio broadcaster on hold.

On the other hand, if you prefer the learning experience offered in the traditional classroom – attending lectures and taking notes – then maybe brick and mortar radio broadcasting schools in New York are for you.

One disadvantage might be that you’d be stuck with a set classroom schedule, and left having to organize your personal schedule around it, including quitting a present job.

Another kind of radio broadcasting school in New York: The apprenticeship model

If you learn best in a one-on-one environment, you’ll benefit most from the apprenticeship model offered in New York by our award-winning Broadcasters Mentoring Group. We help you begin your radio broadcasting career by setting you up with a working, professional broadcaster in a New York radio station of your choice.

Broadcasting apprenticeships ARE essentially broadcasting schools; so your favorite radio station in New York becomes your very own radio broadcasting school classroom. That means no matter where you live, your radio career begins immediately!

And did we mention that besides the hands-on training you get at your local radio station, you’re building your own network of influential contacts in the radio broadcasting industry from the very first day? Why is this important? Studies show that more than six of every 10 new broadcasting hires happen through insider contacts.

Just a few ways you benefit from BMG’s apprenticeship program:

  • Every local radio station becomes a potential radio broadcasting school in New York. (We contract with many radio stations in any given market.)
  • You establish your training times around your personal interests and schedule.
  • You work one-on-one with an actual, working, professional broadcaster.
  • Training on your own schedule means you can keep your current job while you learn.
  • You build a network of influential contacts in the broadcasting industry from day one.
  • You get firsthand information about available jobs in the industry.
  • Though we don’t accept government-sponsored financial aid, financing is available.
  • Begin training when you’re ready! We aren’t set up on a semester-basis as are traditional schools. So there’s no need to wait for the next semester – you train now, or when you’re ready.

Here’s how our radio broadcasting apprenticeships in New York works:

  • Pick your radio station, training times, and days.
  • We then pair you with a mentor-instructor, who is a professional radio broadcaster within that station.
  • We customize your training program to suit your individual interests. So if you want to learn how to be a sports broadcaster for instance, or a talk show host, radio DJ, or a newscaster, we’ll customize your training around that pursuit.
  • Your learning program targets your unique broadcasting skills and interests, without wasting time and money on aspects of broadcasting in which you have no interest.

A final word: we want you to compare our program with all other radio broadcasting schools in New York. Please, by all means, compare prices, three and six-month training programs, and job placement guarantees and promises.

We’re confidant that no other radio broadcasting schools in New York will get your foot in the door and in the seat of a radio broadcaster as effectively and as affordably as BMG.

The first step is to learn more by reading this website and especially the FAQ page.  Or even easier, click on the radio specialty that interests you below or fill out the contact form on this page. Or simply call BMG at (818) 879-0858. One of our counselors will get back to you with answers to all your questions. By the way, there’s never a charge or obligation to learn more.

New York listeners are looking forward to hearing from you.  So are we. Contact BMG today!