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In our 30+ years of radio experience, we have never seen stations impacted like they have been over the last year. COVID-19 has absolutely devastated station revenue and advertiser retention.

In response, we have launched our new Radio Revenue Partnership Program to enable stations to develop a new, ongoing revenue stream while boosting employee morale.

With absolutely no upfront investment, you can make up to $3,500 per student mentored at your station.

We make mentoring easy with our step-by-step guides and flexible formats (in person or remote).

Start a conversation today to learn just how easy this program is!

Our 650+ Partnering Stations for Mentorships Include:


Since 2008, Broadcasters & Sportscasters Mentoring Group Has Connected Innovative Stations with Talented Students.

I launched BSMG with the goal of helping talented broadcast students gain the experience and skills they would need to thrive in radio.

Since then, hundreds of mentors from stations all over the U.S. have partnered with us to create opportunities that students can’t get in a classroom.

For me, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a relationship develop and a student succeed.





Partnering Stations


Our focus has always been quality. For 13 years, I have personally interviewed every student and every mentor to ensure the best experience.


Michael Madden


Broadcasters & Sportscasters Mentoring Group

“The mentoring model SMG uses is an outstanding vehicle for someone trying to break into the business, as well as those who’ve gotten started but want to move up the ladder. Students learn what they need to compete as on air broadcasters in this competitive business.”

Crys Quimby, GM
NBC News Radio

“Michael’s broadcasting training service is precisely what broadcasters trying to break into the business are seeking. BMG serves as a conduit between the apprentice looking for a way into the industry, and the journeymen who can offer advice, counsel, and expertise from the inside.”

Ron Flatter

“Integrity and knowledge. That’s what you get from Michael Madden. Michael’s program is ideal for the broadcaster who is looking to be equipped to break into this exciting business”.

David Brody, CEO
Broadcaster Marketing Services

“Having a mentor through SMG is a great way for those who take SMG’s course to develop the required broadcasting skills, develop a network, and learn what it takes to break into the broadcasting business”.

Louise Cornetta, Program Director

“BMG/SMG provides you with outstanding training AND the contacts all aspiring broadcasters need. If you want to work in broadcasting, you would be wise to join BMG/SMG”.

Jeff Biggs
KNX News Radio & ESPN

“BMG’s training helped me to get the job and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Parrish Graham
BMG Student

“I went to BMG and it provided me with the training I needed to get my foot in the door.”

Jeremy Neuenschwander
– Owner // Loves furry little puppies

“I can only imagine the kind of talent radio we could develop if everyone in the biz was eager and willing to work with BMG and their highly polished broadcasters.”

Larry Gifford
National Director, Talk Radio, Corus Entertainment

“I found Michael Madden to be genuinely caring with a passion for the business, and for encouraging his BMG students to understand broadcasting and polish their talents.”

Jona Denz Hamilton
Announcer 94.5 KBAY

“BMG provides a fabulous alternative education for so many people, including myself, who are looking to break into the broadcasting industry. Michael has also been a tremendous influence and mentor to me in my search for a Professional Broadcasting career, as well.”

Brad Stein
On-Air Personality

“Everybody wants prospective employees to “have” experience, but nobody wants to “give” it to them. Michael Madden and his Broadcasters Mentoring Group offers excellent instruction, guidance and experience for students who are interested in getting a head start in a highly competitive business.”

Larry Burnett
LA Lakers, Sparks & Olympics Announcer

“Michael and Broadcasters Mentoring Group helped my business grow since its launch in August 2010 by providing the training I needed to succeed. I have a great amount of respect for Michael and would recommend BMG to anyone looking to break into the business.”

Dan Flickinger CEO
Westmoreland Sports Network

“I have recommended Michael Madden and Sportscasters and Broadcasters Mentoring Group to many people and will continue to do so.”

Jon Chelesnik CEO

We Make the Mentoring Process Simple and Easy.
Here is how it works:

1. You Promote the Mentoring Program on Your Station

BSMG has developed all the marketing material needed for this program. Upon the launch of the partnership, we will work together to identify unused commercial inventory for promoting the mentoring program to prospective students. These spots will direct prospective students to apply for a six-month BSMG mentoring program hosted by the broadcasting station.

2. We Will Identify Talented Broadcast Students

BSMG has been recruiting talented broadcast students for over a decade. We know exactly what to look for. From the many applicants we naturally receive every year as well as those who respond to your local promotion, we will identify the students who are the best fit for your station based on location, schedule, and specialty.

3. You Use Our Program to Mentor Students

BSMG has designed a step-by-step six-month program that makes mentoring straightforward and easy. The program includes content and assignments that the students will complete. The mentor will review and provide personal feedback on some of the key assignments during weekly mentoring sessions. The timing of the weekly sessions (usually one hour) is flexible and can be done either in-person or virtual.

4. You Get Paid for Each Mentored Student

Becoming a partner requires no upfront financial or contractual commitment. There is absolutely no risk to you. Once we have placed a student with a mentor from your station, you can receive up to $3500 per student. There is no official limit to the number of students you can have mentored at your station, but we recommend no more than five students initially to ensure students get the individual attention they deserve.

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A Curriculum Designed Specifically by Over 29 Professional Broadcasters with over 312 years of combined experience in broadcasting, including:

Interested in Learning More?

Speak directly with BSMG’s founder, Michael Madden, about how this program can be integrated seamlessly into your current station operations.

During the call, we will be glad to answer all your questions about the program, including:

  • How we designed the program so that there is only upside for your station
  • Our student selection process that ensures you get the most talented and responsible students
  • How the program creates flexibility and makes it easy for your team to mentor the students

To get in contact now, please call

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Got Questions? Here are some of the most common questions that people have about BSMG mentoring programs

1. What does the mentoring entail? Collapse

The mentoring primarily entails critiquing student air checks from assignments provided through BMG’s curriculum. Mentoring can be provided in person, or virtually (subject to the student’s approval, since we usually offer in-person mentoring). Optional: Student apprentices are able to spend a few hours weekly inside the station either assisting, or observing, how shows are developed and delivered.

2. How long does the BSMG mentoring program last? Expand

The BMG mentoring program lasts six months. Mentors and students set their own flexible weekly meeting days and times. Weekly mentoring sessions typically run between 30 and 60 minutes.

3. How many students can we mentor? Do I have to pay them? Expand

There is no upper limit to how many students you can simultaneously train, but a maximum of five students is recommended in order to ensure each student is given the individualized attention they deserve. As you can see, the $3000 + compensation can add up quickly with each additional student. Since students are in an apprenticeship training program, there is no compensation required to be paid to them.

4. How much compensation do mentors and radio stations receive? Expand Mentors are paid $2000 for mentoring students and stations are offered $1000 for hosting students.
Stations also receive an additional $500 employment bonus when students are hired in a part-time
or full-time capacity. 5. Do I have to give the students air time? Expand

No. This is a training program, but you may WANT to eventually give students air time when you see how awesome they are after being trained by you.

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BSMG is a mentor-apprentice radio broadcasting school. BSMG pairs its students with professional broadcasters in local radio stations for three or six month apprenticeships. BSMG’s sister site, SMG, is an all Sportscasting School.

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