Introducing BMG’s Nine-Month “Ultimate Pro Insider” Radio Career Training Course

Extended Program Offers Skills, Industry Contacts … and a Personal Broadcasting Talent Coach!

When you work each day in making dreams of a career in radio happen, you learn students have different styles of learning.

Some whizz right through our Six-Month Ultra Insider program and feel ready to take on the radio world. Others have told us they’d like to have more time, more personal attention, and perhaps some added motivation to make that dream happen.

It’s for this second type of student that we’ve added the most important upgrade to our broadcasting training program to date. It’s our new nine-month Ultimate Pro Insider Course.

We’ll give you the detail on the new program below. But first, let’s review the features that both our current six-month and new nine-month courses share:

Features of both Six Month and Nine Month Programs

  • Your first six months of training take place inside a radio station right in your own community, which you select from more than 312 markets in the U.S. and Canada. Unlike attendance at brick and mortar broadcasting schools, there is no need to relocate.
  • A professional broadcaster from that station serves as your mentor/instructor, ensuring that you’ll be learning exactly what broadcasting related skills and insights you’ll need to succeed in broadcasting.
  • Training is flexible! You pick the days and hours you are available, which lets you continue your present job while you prepare for your future in radio.
  • You select exactly the field you wish to learn. You can select from our
    courses for DJ, talk show host, sports broadcasting, and newscasting.
  • As you learn, you make valuable contacts within the industry. As we often remind our students, “it’s not just what you know, but who you know – and who knows you” that’s the winning edge in getting that first gig … and every one after.
  • We provide lifetime job placement assistance. We see our graduates as permanent members of the BMG community, and we’re always there to help you in any way we can.
  • BMG programs are highly affordable, especially as compared to brick and mortar broadcasting schools, and even more costly college programs. And financing is available.

What the Nine-Month Ultimate Pro Insider (UPI) Program Adds

For the student who desires an extra boost to make it into a competitive business, the UPI program assigns each student a personal broadcasting talent coach for three additional months following completion of the basic program. This industry insider is experienced in guiding new broadcasters like you in your first crucial steps in your career by positively critiquing your efforts, offering suggestions, and keeping you motivated.

What Your Personal Broadcasting Talent Coach Does

  • As a UPI student, you’ll meet with your coach, via Skype or other remote video or audio means, at least once a week for three full months, again at days and times most convenient to you.
  • In each session, you and your coach will talk job opportunities and market conditions, review your shows, podcasts, demo tapes, or air checks you’ve done, and plan strategies to keep you advancing toward your goal.
  • Your personal broadcasting talent coach works with you to make sure you continue producing shows, as potential employers are known to favor job seekers who keep improving their skills, even when unpaid. And they’ll ensure that those latest showcases of your talent are as polished, professional and marketable as only a coach’s personal touch can help make them.
  • As your job hunt proceeds, your personal coach will be there to guide you through the rough spots, and to help keep your skills sharp, your confidence high, and your dream moving forward.
  • Then, once you’re hired, your coach will be an invaluable advisor in dealing with any issues at work. He or she will help you get the most from that first career step and in properly positioning you for the future. And as your career proceeds, your coach can be the source of additional contacts that will further your success.

All in all, If you’re looking to turbo-charge turning your dream of success in radio into reality, Ultimate Pro Insider is the program for you!

Alternative financing sources:

  • If you’re eligible for job training or retraining, many state agencies have vocational rehab and job training programs that may pay for your BMG training. Check with your counselor or have them contact BMG regarding eligibility.
  • 401k plans may be utilized without penalty for educational purposes.
  • Employee reimbursement programs – check with your human resources department.
  • VA Voc rehab. Veterans must have disability rating to qualify.

Visa & MasterCard accepted. Financing available.

9-Month Ultimate Pro Insider Payment Options

In-House One Year Financing

  • Base Price $14,750
  • $7,750 Down Payment Required
  • $7,000 financing available
  • 12 monthly payments @ 5% interest
  • $583.33 monthly payment
  • No Credit Check Required

Here’s what you do next

If submitting an email request, please specify a convenient time you can be reached to have any further questions addressed. Be assured – a friendly, non-salesy broadcasting adviser will be in touch at the time you request to answer all your questions.

Call or email now to discuss how you can become a “Ultimate Pro Insider” and take action on becoming a radio broadcaster.

Imagine the Consequences of Inaction…

If you do nothing, you get nothing. Inaction IS a decision. You may have dreamt about becoming a radio broadcaster for a long time, but until you take action to turn that dream into a reality, it will remain nothing more than a fantasy you’re entertaining.

Conversely, when you take action, you can expect a result. Everything begins with a decision – then an action – and eventually a result.

Is today the day for you to take a step towards turning your dreams of becoming a broadcaster into reality? If so, fill in the form below to contact BMG about beginning your nine month Ultimate Pro Insider radio training program.

NOTE: A registration fee is due before your in-station interview with a prospective mentor. This fee is refundable if BMG is unable to set up an interview or place you for training, and is deducted from your total tuition amount.