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Radio Broadcasting School for Professionals: Discover How to Become a Broadcasting On-Air Expert and Watch Your Reputation and Your Clientele Grow

Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Realtors, and Other Professionals: Here’s how to get the necessary radio skills to become a broadcasting on-air expert.

What’s on this page:

  • Why paid advertising has lost its effectiveness in promoting your practice or business.
  • How your presence as an on-air expert can boost that business.
  • How being a radio host imparts instant credibility, at no cost to you.
  • Why it’s essential to add broadcasting skills to your subject expertise.
  • 26 essential radio skills you need to master as a radio host.
  • How BMG can arrange for you to learn these skills, from a working broadcaster, in a nearby station, on a schedule that fits your limited availability.
  • How to learn more, without cost or obligation.

As a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, realtor, or other working professional, it’s gratifying to give your opinion to a client.

Well, how about giving it to a quarter million potential clients, all at once?


It’s possible, by becoming a radio broadcasting on-air expert. Boston area attorney Alan Fanger is able to reach such an audience regularly, via his appearances on the Jordan Rich WBZ radio talk show.

He’s the show’s go-to legal expert and has been asked to comment on subjects ranging from NFL head injury lawsuits to major criminal trials.

But as he opines on legal questions in the news, something else is happening: Rich’s vast audience is learning Alan’s name, appreciating his expertise, and, even if at a later time, thinking of him next time they need legal advice. Since he began his radio broadcasting career, activity at his practice has seen a significant boost.

Potential Clients Seek Information, Not Advertising