Recent College Grads

Recent college grads: Discover how radio jobs are REALLY landed nowadays.

With hundreds of competitors for every opening, here’s the “missing link” you need to get the radio job you want.

What’s on this page:

  • How BMG’s training model builds the insider contacts you must have to break in to radio broadcasting today.
  • The key skills you need to learn to be a DJ, sports or newscaster, or talk show host.
  • Major advantages BMG training has over traditional broadcasting schools.
  • How to learn more without cost or obligation.

Graduation: Hispanic Student Happy to Graduate

Have you been sending out your demo and resume for potential radio jobs, only to receive a deafening silence in return? You are likely now discovering that spending years, and tens of thousands of dollars, in pursuit of a diploma is no guarantee in landing one of those precious few radio jobs upon graduation.

This doesn’t mean that your dream of becoming an on-air radio broadcaster has to die. It simply means you’re using an outdated roadmap into the business that very rarely leads to its intended destination.

And the Secret Is…

In today’s radio world, relationships are the secret to landing radio jobs.

WHO you know matters more in today’s radio world than WHAT you know about broadcasting. Without influential industry contacts, your chances of getting your foot in the door are slim and none.

After all, nobody knows who you are, so why choose you over hundreds of other candidates?

Your goal needs to be developing a strategy that enables you to build these important relationships with influential industry contacts, while developing and demonstrating your broadcasting skills to them. Think of it as an ongoing audition.

Broadcasters Mentoring Group will facilitate you meeting and being trained by these all-important industry contacts you require in order to get your foot in the door.

The tool we use to both train you and to get you known in the business is the apprentice-mentor training model.